Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last T-ball Game

Our family is amazing! Mark and I live no less than 45 minutes from our extended family. They ALL ( Mama, Aunt Shelley, Makenzie, Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Kristi, Papa Jim, Granny T, Grammy and Bob) came out, some more than once to see Tyler play! Thank you all for the support you gave him. It really does put a smile on his face and makes him feel special!
Aunt Jennifer taking Gray to the sand pit.

"I hold you, daddy" He loves him some daddy!

Cheering on his big brother!

Mama and her broken wrist!

This year I had the option to either let Tyler play in the 3-4 yr old league or 4-6 yr old league. I ended up picking the 4-6, even though he had just turned 4, because I thought the older kids would model good behavior. Not only behavior but also patience for the game. I totally made the right choice! Last year it seemed that every parent was on the field trying to calm down their tired toddler. This year, NOT one parent on the field, except for the coaches. Tyler did sooooo well! We were so proud of him. It was fun while the games lasted. Not to mention, Grayson did an outstanding job as well. I think he is going to be a baller! He loves to watch the game and has a pretty good arm. Here are some pics of the player himself!

OMG...look at the stride!!! Yes, this runner is proud of this kids stride :)

One rule did change. It was either the team could score 5 runs (per inning), or actually tag three outs! That means, my kid at age 4 could get tagged out! I did hope and pray that he wouldn't get tagged out!

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