Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last T-ball Game

Our family is amazing! Mark and I live no less than 45 minutes from our extended family. They ALL ( Mama, Aunt Shelley, Makenzie, Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Kristi, Papa Jim, Granny T, Grammy and Bob) came out, some more than once to see Tyler play! Thank you all for the support you gave him. It really does put a smile on his face and makes him feel special!
Aunt Jennifer taking Gray to the sand pit.

"I hold you, daddy" He loves him some daddy!

Cheering on his big brother!

Mama and her broken wrist!

This year I had the option to either let Tyler play in the 3-4 yr old league or 4-6 yr old league. I ended up picking the 4-6, even though he had just turned 4, because I thought the older kids would model good behavior. Not only behavior but also patience for the game. I totally made the right choice! Last year it seemed that every parent was on the field trying to calm down their tired toddler. This year, NOT one parent on the field, except for the coaches. Tyler did sooooo well! We were so proud of him. It was fun while the games lasted. Not to mention, Grayson did an outstanding job as well. I think he is going to be a baller! He loves to watch the game and has a pretty good arm. Here are some pics of the player himself!

OMG...look at the stride!!! Yes, this runner is proud of this kids stride :)

One rule did change. It was either the team could score 5 runs (per inning), or actually tag three outs! That means, my kid at age 4 could get tagged out! I did hope and pray that he wouldn't get tagged out!

Other cute pics from the Zoo....

Most updated pictures of the babies....well not really babies anymore! Grayson is about 5 pds shy of Tyler...yes, that makes him 36 pds!

Poor Makenzie, she knows she just has to sit and smile. Out of 50 clicks of the camera, I ought to be able to come up with ONE good group picture!

Going to the Zoo!!!

Wow! I had to reset my password because I forgot what the password was!! It's been that LONG!! Do you know how much has gone on since November! Too much and too much growing. I'm going to update it starting from the most recent pics I have taken. So here we go....

When Shelley was going through all the medical craziness, Makenzie was able to come stay with us for a bit. I have so many awesome memories of me and my sister going to my Aunt's for "vacation". I hope Makenzie is able to get that with me! Last day she spent with us, we ended up going to the zoo. Got there early and had lunch in the car on the ride home. There is nothing wrong with a picnic in the car.

On the way to the trains, Grayson had to get on Makenzie's back. The only problem with Grayson taking piggy back rides, is that he leans back! Not the safest thing to do with the tank!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Supper Club

The last post I posted back in November was the picture of Super Club. Look how much these kiddos have changed! Oh, there are two extras....I kind of have an open back door policy. I can't help it, I love kids :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Swann Crew looking GOOD!

Well, the Swann crew and Kelley Crew! If you don't know these kids by now, they are my neighbors. I am blessed with these neighbor!!!! Brooke is like the big sister and does an amazing job helping me with the boys. Oh, so nice when she wants to come over. Travis is like my third boy. They wrestle and argue like brothers. Funny though because Travis is a good three years older than Tyler. Tyler doesn't realize what three years is and thinks he can do what Travis is doing! So when it comes to get what you get! We had to take a quick pic with our good friends!
I LOVE this picture! I think is shows their personalities! Tyler being silly....hmmmm where does he get that??? Grayson being serious....hmmmm. I blew this one up to a 5x7, I like it that much!

Family picture courtesy of Kyle or Rhonda!

Famous squeeze your neck to make you cry pose.


Each year just keeps getting better and better. The older the boys get, the more excitement they have. We, or should I say I, LOVE family traditions. What family wouldn't want traditions??!! Anyways....we use Mark's idea for Easter. Instead of the bunny sitting the basket out on the table, he hides it! The boys have to look around the house for their basket. It is cute to watch. After the hunt inside, they hunt for more eggs outside.

As you can see...the theme this year is "yardwork" toys :) New mower and blower. Summer is coming and the boys have to help their dad mow!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


"Put me in, Coach!" I would have LOVED to see what Grayson would have done if he played t-ball this year. I am sooo tempted to start him next January! I really think he would do a great job. During Tyler's game, he would sit and study the players. Here are a few pic of Grayson during the game:

They had a concession stand this year! When I wanted Grayson to sit still, I just bought him a sucker. Mark wasn't too excited, but it worked! He is just a cute mess!